To prevent errors wrong product expeditions and our products pass from different steps such as; sorting (sorting), grading (cutting), repair and modification, welding, painting, and cleaning while dispatching before there expedition. nevertheless, we produce many other products in our belonging

All new accessories (foot shoe, pin, bolt, dowel, diagonal, connector, sheet metal, and profile raw material, etc.) that may be needed during production and renovation are always available for the customers in stocks.

Zem Raf takes into consideration norms of industry 4.0 for sustainable customer satisfaction Zem Raf invests in technology and industry materials.

Our Mission

Our customers and colleagues are always the focus of our company.Our mission is to make our customers feel valuable and to produce fast, cost-effective and sustainable solutions for their needs and demands. For our staff members, our mission is to offer a quality, beautiful life and a career full success.

Our Vision

As ZEM SHELF SYSTEMS INC, we come to make a difference, add color and bring a new breath to the sector with our 40 years of experience as well as with our experienced, expert and qualified team and innovative perspective.

Why Zem Raf?

  • We listen to you, understand your wishes and needs, and offer you the most suitable solutions with our experienced and professional consultancy.
  • We are such a company that closely follows all the developments in the industry and appliying them to our services with our young, dynamic and innovative staff.
  • We are the only company in the industry that focuses on export, import and engineering solutions and tries to implement them professionally.
  • With our advanced workshop, assembly line and professional field team, we try to meet the most specific demands of our customers.
  • We continue to be with our customers with the care and support we provide after sales.

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