Racking And Shelving Systems

ZMF Racking and Shelving Systems includes in its product range “new” racking systems, as well as the “used” systems, in order to meet all demands of customers in the best and most efficient way. ZMF, being aware of the fact that each project has its own needs, is the leading company in the range of new racking and shelving systems as well as the used ones.

Why ZMF?

To us, the most important thing is to ensure our customers buy the right product with right dimensions by directing our customers’ demands according to their needs. Most of our customer who have come to us in a need of rack or shelf do not know what their actual need is. In a way, we offer our customers consulting services as well as the sales and marketing. The height, area measurements, pallet dimensions, pallet weights, the features of the machine our customers use guide us to understand their needs.

What makes us different ?

  • Reasonable price options
  • Rich inventory and wide product range
  • Racking and shelving systems consultancy service
  • Fast shipping

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