Development Processes of ZEM Shelf Systems


New Breath, Same Vision

Emre Akmeşe, the founder of ZEM Shelf Systems Inc, who exemplified Mr. Zeki and Mr. Metin, the chief architects of this history, by adopting the vision, philosophy and discipline that have been going on for years, and by combining today's technology with equipped and professional team, he aims to be not only in Turkey, but also the world's largest 2nd hand shelving systems and become the 2nd hand industrial market.

Zemraf 2019

Number 1 in Turkey

Akmeşe family by focusing entirely on warehouse shelving systems, become the owner of 2nd hand shelving systems company which is the major company in Turkey and having the most of the customers.


Zemraf 2012

Establishment of Second Hand Shelving Systems Sector

At the Tuzla Birmes Industrial Area, a second-hand industrial market was established and then turned into a store. Among the products purchased and sold archive shelf systems (steel shelf systems) were also available. But, at that time, warehouse shelf systems were considered only as a pile of iron, and it was quite difficult to sell. However, after several large-scale sales, they decided to focus on warehouse shelf systems. Thus, they became the founders of the 2nd hand warehouse shelf systems sector in our country.


Zemraf 2004

Second Hand Market

The second hand cardboard carton trade developed and started to be sold to large companies at affordable prices. At the same time, not only scrap, but also all kinds of 2nd hand products (machinery, engine, etc.) were started to be purchased from the companies and a strong entry into the 2nd hand materials market was realized.


Zemraf 1979

From Scrap Dealer to Wholesaler

As a result of their experiences and the contributions of the developing technology of the time, their business grew. Scrap was purchased and sold from manufacturers. Cartons and parcels from manufacturers were separated from scrap and started to be stocked. From stock, wholesale of 2nd hand carton and parcel trade was born.


Zemraf 1979

The First Truck

With contributions to the business of Metin Solmaz (14 years old), the brother-in-law who came to work with Zeki Akmeşen, by aiming to expand their business, they had five challenging years. After these difficult years, they bought their first truck and growed and rapid their business. Scrap, started to be purchased directly from companies and sold to iron mills and mines.


Zemraf 1979

First Scrap Warehouse

Zeki Akmeşe, our Chairman of Board, was born in 1953 in Acıgöl, Nevşehir. After losing his parents at an early age, he came to Istanbul to work at the age of 12. He worked in various jobs and stayed in difficult conditions. Then, he started working in a scrap company and after years of hard work and great efforts, he opened his first scrap shop in 1979 under the name Akmeşe Trading.


Zemraf 1979

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